Ines Lafuente

I am
Inés Lafuente

Work hard, dream big is my philosophy. I’m fiercely determined and committed. I´m a believer in giving anything a go. Once I have my mindset on something, I’m going for it, whatever it takes.

Let me help you do what I am best at

Millennial from the late 80’s, with denomination of origin in Aragon (Spain). 

Hard-working, committed, and ambitious (always in the best sense of the word). Willing to face new challenges constantly. Addicted to travel for as long as I can remember. Creative, dynamic and, above all, curious soul in any field. Lover of emotions, I consider them to be the energy that moves us towards our goals and dreams.

How it all started...

With a bachelor’s degree of Tourism Management and Business, a master’s degree in International Business Management and Marketing, E-Commerce and Online Marketing, and an MBA in Online Marketing, the COVID-19 crisis led me to take a new direction in my professional life.

After finishing my master’s degree in E-Commerce & Online Marketing, I went straight into SEO and social media management. I started noticing other companies coming to me for advice on how to use social media and branding. This led me to start my own marketing business managing a few different business accounts.

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve turned into an easy to follow strategy that anyone can use to blow up their business.


  • Every day I try to learn something new, I am very curious and I don’t give up until I get what I want.


  • I have lived in Spain, Switzerland, UK and now I am in Perth, Australia.


  • I try to focus on what I love most: creating, helping, and having fun.


  • I’m addicted to travel and I can’t live without a diary and a pen.


  • To work effectively I have to listen to music, and I love this Playlist to help me concentrate.


  • For English speakers: The meaning of my surname (Lafuente), is The water fountain.


  • I always try to see the glass half full.


  • I love photography, art in all its forms, and sunsets.